The Joyful Eats Journal

Use This Guided Mindful Eating Journal eBook to Ditch the Title of Over Eater, Stress Eater, Fast Eater and Emotional Eater for the Title of a JOYFUL EATER!  A Title That Better Suits That Full and Free Life Jesus Wants For You In Every Area, Even Food!

The Joyful Eats Journal is a $300 CAD value but Nyla is pricing it at $35 CAD. This is a quality/quantity of information she would teach her 1:1 Intuitive Eating Clients over the course of three sessions (her three session coaching package is $300 CAD). ⁣ ⁣ Sooo many of Nyla's clients come to her with a common desire to enjoy food MORE! To reduce fast eating and over eating out of stress. So that’s why she created this resource! To help all of you, by sharing everything she knows about becoming a Joyful Eater by learning to practice mindfulness with food. ⁣   Author:  Nyla is a Certified Health and Life Coach trained in habit and mindset change, also holding a Food and Nutrition Diploma and many fitness instructor certifications, who coaches through an Intuitive Eating, Christian and Enneagram perspective. Founder of "Nutrition with Nyla", she works virtually 1:1 with women worldwide, helping them heal their relationship with food, fitness and body image, without dieting, obsession or restrictions but instead teaching them to tune into their God given body cues and wonderfully unique personality.

What makes up the Joyful Eats Journal? 

10 weeks long

10 themed  teaching sections (one per week) 

10 Focus Challenges (weekly task) 

10 weeks of journal space 

5 bonus lessons at the end 

Nyla's quirky personality, teaching you weekly and explaining the steps to become a Joyful Eater in a simple and fun fashion! 

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58.16MB PDF Download

CAD 35.00

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