The Bible, Your Bod & Broccoli

How to eat in a simple, free and joyful way that aligns with the Bible.

How I overcame an eating disorder, over exercising, fear foods, food guilt, poor body image,  … and how you can too!

Join Nyla as she shares never before publicly told stories of healing from an eating disorder, over exercising, binge eating, the impact of disordered food and fitness habits had on her marriage and more. "The Bible, Your Bod & Broccoli" is a memoir/workout. At the end of each chapter, there are reflection questions as well as worksheets, to practically and personally work through concepts discussed in the last chapter so you can experience healing in your relationship with food, fitness and body image like Nyla has. Even if you aren't struggling with an eating disorder, this book will greatly bless anyone struggling with poor body image or food struggles in anyway. This book has been designed to be done solo, as a Book Club or as a Bible study with others. Jesus is talked about all throughout this book and you'll find countless Bible verses discussed as well. Without His healing hand, full Food Freedom wouldn't have been possible for Nyla. With the Lord, changing any Food Story is very much so possible though!

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